Lovely Molly Launches ARG-like Campaign

Alright, so it’s not exactly an ARG, but it does sound like it has ARG-like elements. Lovely Molly is a film by Haxan Films, which released the cult hit The Blair Witch Project thirteen years ago. Like their previous hit, Lovely Molly has the premise of being “found footage.”

ARGNet writer Michael Andersen received a package by the marketing people of Lovely Molly, presumably supposed to be a launch point of viral marketing campaign put together to promote the movie. As we’ve seen in games like I Love Bees and The Lost Ring, sending prominent bloggers starting packages with game clues is a great way to launch the game. You get Big Name Fans (a term from fandoms, technically, but I feel as though this works here too) to talk about your game and product, passing along the information to followers. It’s a great way to disseminate information, and has clearly worked for previous games.

You can read about the full contents of the package Andersen received here, but some of the items included photographs and a large carved disc. The back of the disc reads “Lovely Molly invites you to descend into depravity. Rewards like this await the first five. Simple symbols await a score.”

No idea what that means, but I’m intrigued. It seems as though the key words of the game are going to be “descent” and “depravity,” which helps to set the tone of the spooky film. The message leads to So are you ready to descend into depravity?


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