Becoming Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-Man does an ARG

One ARG that I’ve been hearing about recently is the one in connection to The Amazing Spider-Man which I believe is being dubbed The Mark of Spider-Man. I produce a student-run show at Trinity University and one of my hosts actually covered a story on this a few weeks ago. I was too busy directing the segment to catch her entire story, but I was so pleased that ARGs were getting some coverage even at a very local level.

Anyways, ARGNet wrote up a great little summary of what’s been going on in the game so far, so if you haven’t heard of it, make sure to check it out. They also point towards Unfiction for more discussion as to what’s going on with this game. In the coming days, I’m hoping to loop back to this and do a more detailed discussion on this game, because I really love the idea of it, especially the clue in the trailer, an homage I think to The Beast. But really, how awesome would it be to open up a backpack and find Peter Parker’s stuff in there? I can’t even imagine. I think superhero tie-ins to ARGs are always so cool because the people who are going to play these games are already invested in it because they love the story already. It’s a great way to promote the movie, and I’m looking forward to seeing more.


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